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Don’t be surprised if you do not receive routine antibiotics.

Skin & Cancer Foundation Australia has a skin pathology strategic alliance with Douglass Hanly Moir pathology, a subsidiary of Sonic Healthcare. There are dermatopathologists and a specialist skin pathology laboratory on-site at Darlinghurst. The dermatopathologists participate in weekly specialist skin histopathology sessions with the senior registrars and also teaching sessions for the junior registrars.

Here are our pathologists working within the dermatopathology team includes:





  • Rapid turnaround of routine results.
  • Routine histopathology, special staining techniques & immunoperoxidase stains performed daily
  • Direct and Indirect immunofluorescence testing available
  • Specialised Alopecia biopsy examination, and hair shaft analysis are also offered
  • A range of billing options are available, ranging from full fee to concessional fee. We also accept Medicare/bulk-billed work.


  • All our pathologists are available to discuss the nature of reports with referring doctors
  • Electronic file delivery of dermatopathology reports
  • Faxing of reports to referring doctors, either routinely or on request
  • Courier pickup of specimens and delivery of paper reports, if desired


  • The laboratory operates 17 hours per day excluding weekends, whilst the pathology office is open 11½  hours per day.
  • The service centre is open five days a week to provide results, reports and other information services
  • We supply referring centres with specimen bottles, bags, request forms which includes patient information details on the back of the request form.
  • Foundation Courier services are available to transport specimens to the laboratory. A commercial courier is also used.

For more information or to organise to send your pathology to the Foundation please phone: 02 8651 2060

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