More Opportunities for Nurses

Nurses for Newsletter 1200This year, in recognition of the vitally important role our nurses play, The Skin Hospital established the Nursing Scholarship Fund (NSF). The aim of the fund is to provide further educational opportunities for our nurses to expand their dermatology nursing skills and expertise.

Nurses are on the frontline every day and work tirelessly to ensure excellent patient care. That’s why we believe our nurses should be encouraged and supported to advance their knowledge and skills.
Thanks to the generous support of our donors, the NSF has already assisted 12 nurses in further education, undertaking courses in Advanced Sterilisation, Infection Control and Wound Management.

In addition, we have been able to provide financial support for two of our highly valued Enrolled Nurses, Michelle Weaich and Amanda Schultz, to undertake their training to become Registered Nurses. This provides great career development opportunities for them as well as providing benefits to The Skin Hospital.

Amanda “The NSF has given me the opportunity to complete my three years of study to become a Registered Nurse. I can keep a working wage, supporting myself financially while I focus on studying and improving my level of patient care.”

Michelle “Without the NSF I would not have the opportunity to study. This vital training is essential for my career progression. As a trained Registered Nurse, I can have more responsibility when treating patients and provide a higher standard of care.”

Nursing Scholarship Fund

  • Wound/Dressing Management - 3 nurses
  • Anaesthetics Courses - 2 nurse
  • Vaccination Certificate - 1 nurse
  • Advanced Sterilization Course - 1 nurse
  • Australasian Society of Cosmetic Dermatologists Symposium 2018 - 5 nurses
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