The Skin Hospital Final Logo Gradient600Our Brand Revamped

After trading as the Skin & Cancer Foundation Australia for over 40 years, we have now rebranded to become The Skin Hospital. Previously, The Skin Hospital referred to our clinical services and now, for ease and clarity, it encompasses all our operating areas - Education, Research, Clinical Trials and Fundraising.

The change has been driven by a need to differentiate ourselves and provide a brand that more closely reflects who we are and what we do. It also provides more clarity for our patients and doctors and removes the considerable confusion that exists between us and other cancer foundations.
As well as this, we have an amazing new logo which is more modern and vibrant.


“Our brand and name should communicate clearly to our patients, doctors, staff and donors who we are and what we do. That is why we have made some important changes, bringing all our areas of operation under one name with a fresh new look. This will enable us to communicate with greater consistency and impact and be more easily recognised”

Dr. Alice Killen, CEO

 To book an appointment at The Skin Hospital call Darlinghurst  8651 2000 or Westmead 8833 3000.

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