The Skin & Cancer Foundation Australia (SCFA) is committed to providing quality clinical experience at the highest level.

SCFA aims to provide students with learning opportunities in:

  • The development of professional practice
  • Developing and refining of clinical skills;
  • Critical thinking and analysis
  • Integration of theoretical knowledge;
  • The reality of professional practice;
  • Collaborative and therapeutic practice; and
  • Building collegial networks.

All clinical practicum undertaken at the Foundation are overseen by dermatologists and associated specialists, sometimes assisted by dermatology registrars and supported by dermatology trained nurses.

The Foundation provides the following medical services:

  1. General dermatology (including skin checks)
  2. Specialty dermatology clinics
  3. Diagnostic and treatment services
  4. Skin cancer surgery
  5. Cosmetic dermatology
  6. Dermatopathology services

Clinical Practice is open to the following students:

  • Undergraduate Nursing students enrolled in a Bachelor/Master of Nursing
  • Enrolled Nurses
  • Trainee Enrolled Nurses
  • Assistants in Nursing
  • Trainee Assistants in Nursing
  • High School students undertaking Vocational Education Training (VET)
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